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    Best Dessert On Maui

    Sep. 20, 2008 (5165 views)

    I can tell you nothing rocks like fudge. Is there? I dare you to tell me otherwise... Nuts or no nuts... good fudge is from the gods! A cup of coffee and a pound of fudge... I'm salivating as I type. I have been blessed with some friends who can make unbelievable fudge - and also love me! So, I get fudge for my birthday and most holidays. I am not too proud to beg and plead for it. Heather lives on the mainland and Cassie...

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    True Life Tales from a Hawaiian Hula Dancer

    Jun. 7, 2007 (14717 views)

    The conch shell blows to signify the start of the luau. The drums beat rhythmically, matching the beat of a hula dancer's heart. The crowd waits in anticipation. The dancer walks slowly from the beach with a torch and takes the stage, just a silhouette against the moonlit night. Where did she come from? And how did she learn to move her hips that way? When I was little I looked forward to playing with the neighborhood kids everyday before dinner. We would...

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