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    Is It Love, Or Is It Maui?

    Dec. 10, 2007 (3109 views)

    For years I shunned the idea of visiting Hawaii. Too commercial. Too many outdated surfer boys, too many hula girls on dashboards, umbrellas in Mai Tais and tacky jokes about getting "lei-ed." Where was the adventure in Hawaii? How would the budget-minded traveler find her place amid the high-rise condos and beaches of Waikiki? There was a whole world to see out there and Hawaii was the familiar boy next door. I stayed away, convinced it was better left to the suburban, middle-aged vacationers...

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    What to do in Maui

    Nov. 15, 2010 (2947 views)

    If anyone sees this post, can you please give me some suggestions on what kinds of things there are to do in maui.I'll be travelling there and staying for a week. I want to know what the top things to do are for the 7 days I'll be there.Next Vacation Plan: Taking a cruise on one of the Royal Caribbean Ships !!:) Yay...

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    Living in Paradise

    Feb. 27, 2008 (3764 views)

    A friend on the mainland thinks that I spend all day on the beach, sitting under a palm tree drinking coconut juice.  But the reality of living on Maui is much more challenging, from the high cost of living (gas is already $4.00 a gallon here), to education, to navigating the cultural barriers and fluctuating job market.But just when I think about moving back to the Bay Area, I remember the Safeway that I used to go to.  There were always several people outside the sliding glass...

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    Los Pelones

    Jan. 17, 2009 (3196 views)

    Los Pelones    Those of you saddened over the...

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