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    Oh, I've Seen Fire And I've Seen Rain. Lots Of Rain.

    Nov. 5, 2010 (5703 views)

    If you’ve read the post before this one you now have a good idea of how water shapes the great bulk of these mid-ocean mountains.   So let’s go take a walk through the native rainforest, shall we?  Since we’re in the neighborhood and all. ...

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    West Maui Wellness Center - WOW!

    May. 1, 2008 (5621 views)

    The ladies of my family had a discussion over Easter brunch this year about how different scents often create powerful associations. My sister noted she loves the smell of lavender (who doesn't?) while another confessed to swooning at a mere sniff of eucalyptus at her favorite spa. Hearing my sisters wax poetic about sea algae and rosewater, it occurred to me that I'd typically visited a spa only during times of duress and not often enough when things were going well. This had left me,...

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    Male Humpbacks Time Running Out

    Apr. 13, 2009 (2258 views)

    Although it is the end of the season, there are still many humpback whales around the Hawaiian islands looking to mate.  This very large male escort traveling next to a lovely female appeared to be very agitated.  There were at least six other males behind him trying to take his place, something he was trying to prevent with every ounce of his strength.  Fighting males not only...

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    Diana Krall at Maui Arts and Cultural Center

    Mar. 23, 2009 (3264 views)

    Mauians are an artsy bunch. How else to explain the existence of the Maui Arts and Cultural Center, a venue that consistently lures world-class entertainers from all corners of the globe to showcase their talents before warmly receptive crowds in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean? Created primarily as the result of private donations, the MACC houses an art gallery, hosts programs, sponsors classes and of course,...

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