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    Kapalua's World Class Activities

    May. 31, 2009 (9821 views)

    World Class Activities the Ritz Carlton and Kapalua   ...

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    What's the Factors of Wedding?

    Oct. 12, 2010 (299 views)

    Flower Girl Dresses offer an opportunity to fulfill the dream of being a princess for the fanciful little girls.Certainly, to have every detail of their wedding carried out perfectly as planned is very important to the bride or groom, including the Flower Girl Dress.Wearing flower girl dresses is important to the couple as well as the flower girl, particularly to the newers.Because flower girls act a principal role in the wedding ceremony, in practice, begin the wedding march,or accent the bride’s...

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    Living in Paradise

    Feb. 27, 2008 (3763 views)

    A friend on the mainland thinks that I spend all day on the beach, sitting under a palm tree drinking coconut juice.  But the reality of living on Maui is much more challenging, from the high cost of living (gas is already $4.00 a gallon here), to education, to navigating the cultural barriers and fluctuating job market.But just when I think about moving back to the Bay Area, I remember the Safeway that I used to go to.  There were always several people outside the sliding glass...

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    Donuts on a Stick

    Mar. 1, 2008 (4991 views)

    I was looking for the Komoda T Store and Bakery listing to give a review, and it's not listed on  So I decided to dedicate this blog posting to the wonders of this upcountry bakery.First I have to say I miss Dunkin Donuts.  I mean I really, really miss Dunkin Donuts.  If there's anyone on the mainland reading this, and you're close to a Dunkin Donuts, send me an e-mail - I may be willing to do a trade if you can overnight me a few cinnamon cake donuts.My only...

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