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Aug. 19, 2007


Aloha everybody!I´ve discovered the maui.net today.I´m a 23 years old spanish girl. I´m going with a friend to Maui and Oahu next octuber for 13 days (my gisft for finishing my career, veterinary medicine).I love travelling and discovering the islands and your culture is being always on my mind.I write asking for help cause I pretty lost about where to stay. I´ve been surfing on the net for 3 days just looking into different hostels and I really don´t know what to do... I can´t spend a big amount of money (I´m not working yet...) but I want to make the most of this experience. I´d like to stay in a hostel or somewhere with kitchen (so I don´t have to eat out everyday). Í´m used to travel and I don´t have to sleep in a 5 stars hotel (I´m gonna travel for a month this time and I´m going almost to the antipodas of my country, so I can´t afford it). I just want to make the most of this experience and that´s why I ask for help cause I read...

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