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Well, I am a happily married woman with 3 beautiful daughters ages 3, 9, & 12. We recently relocated to Las Vegas, the so called Ninth Island. I am employed at California Pizza Kitchen as a Server. I graduated from Baldwin High School back in 1992. I have two wonderful parents that I miss very much and 2 beautiful sisters. I also have some great nieces and nephews. Although we moved to Las Vegas, we will never forget where we are from. Well, that's about it. Mahalo

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Jan. 19, 2008

Where's the Aloha Spirit!!

Well, here is my second blog. It's a saturday morning here in Las Vegas. Life is great although I am miles and miles away from home. Las Vegas or I should say the mainland is a very different place. You can't compare Hawaii to the Mainland. But I can say that a lot of us have lost that Aloha Spirit and there is not a lot of Aloha Spirit up here. Where has that Aloha Spirit gone? There are some nice people that we have met and not so nice people. The sad thing though is that I have met some past islanders also and they have become very rude also. There is one thing that I need to say and that is "Never forget where you came from." Don't forget your roots no matter how long you have lived away from the islands. It is you that will need to teach the people in the mainland what is Aloha Spirit. In all honesty, we are all born with that Aloha Spirit within us whether we're from Florida, or  Las Vegas, and even in Hawaii. But somewhere along the line, most of us have lost that. It's a shame...