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The Road to Hana Valley Isle Style
Hookipa Beach The Ke’anae Peninsula The Ke’anae Peninsula 2 Waianapanapa State park Waianapanapa State park 2 The Ke’anae Peninsula  Church Upper Waikani Falls Wailua falls

I have driven the road to Hana several times, and never truly appreciated it until I took a tour and let someone else drive these 57 one lane bridges and 617 curves and tight corners. I'm an avid photographer and really had time to taking my best photos when I drove, but with Valley Isle Excursions giving me the royal treatment, it was easy to take some nice photo's of this magical land. The Time we drove we were exhausted and at the end of a 10 hour day, yet taking the tour we were ready to go out and hit the town and have a great meal. Since Breakfast and Lunch was covered on this tour, we then saved on several meals and could still have a nice dinner if we felt like it. This is one of the most beautiful roads in the world! With step cliffs and narrow roads, having someone else drive was a pleasure, and great for people of all ages.

Valley Isles vans are comfortable, 12-seater which keeps it intimate and our driver bunky, had a nice mellow energy, with lot's of aloha and Humor. You start off the morning learning a bit about the island on your way to the Maui Market place for Breakfast, which is open just for Valley Isle Excursions and the whole food court is set up with a nice continental breakfast to start your morning off right. Once past paia, the journey really begins in Haiku, and although it started raining, I just knew that we'd have some blue skies along the way, which we did.

We made several waterfall stops, which were flowing like they were on a mission to quickly get to the sea. The Ke’anae Peninsula is visually so calm and serene, with the contrast of the rough seas crashing on the volcanic rocks, we stopped for about 25 minutes, and even made a banana bread stop that rivals Aunty out in Kahakuloa Valley, the best anywhere. Upper Waikani Falls were spectacular, and a photographers dream.

We had about 30 minutes at Waianapanapa State park, (which is also Maui Stable entrance) which was enough time to explore, the caves, the black sands beach, and the incredible tropical gardens. The Navy Blue water shimmering off of the sand is striking. We drove thru Hana bay and their charming town, and then we were off for lunch at an exquisite Mom and pop flower farm. These tables are reserves for Valley Isle, which was a nice tough, and something off the beaten path. We were presented with a nice BBQ chicken meal, with green and Mac salad, rolls and soft drinks and water. This was a nice relaxing stop and a great place to enjoy fine grinds local style.

We spent about 30 minutes at the 7 Pools, but we couldn't swim, due to flash flooding. This gave us more time to hike and explore, and that is part of the adventure of Hana tours, to go with the flow. We made one more incredible waterfall stop that was the one of nicest waterfalls that I've ever seen Wailua Falls, everyone was in awe. The best part was that this awesome waterfall was just off the road about 50 feet.

We headed back thru upcountry Maui, and saw the last of the Jacaranda trees in bloom. Valley Isle Excursions is certainly an excellent choice for anyone that wants to experience the true Hana, in style and see some of the most scenic parts of Maui, that many never see. Two Skaka's up for this tour!

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