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"Simply Married" - A Con Artist

Aulani Marks simply put is a con artist and you should avoid her and her company. She did not pay the I'O Restaurant for which she was paid in full. I had to pay them over $1700.00 dollars the night of our wedding reception. When questioned by myself, Aulani said it was a big mistake by the restaurant and she would make it right with me. After five days of no action by her to either contact the restaurant or myself I filed a report with the Maui Police. She to date has not responded to many, many phone calls and emails(wedding Dec 2010). Oh and by the way she and her company are NOT a member of the BBB as her webite states. If you want your wedding to be that perfect day as it should be STAY AWAY FROM HER COMPANY!!

Here is a copy of her email to me promising payment.

From: Simply Married Maui Hawaii []

Sent: December-24-10 1:57 PM


Subject: Re: Call me please

Hi Warren,

Thank you for letting me know because now I can forward over this e-mail to Marilyn who is insisting that I make payment to them. I am not making any payment to them, even though they have my credit card on file too however they did not make any charges to it yet. I will send the Money order and I will let you know asap when its sent to you registered and signature recieved.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Aulani Marks

Simply Married

Toll Free 800-291-0110

Cell 808-268-3139

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