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  • Dragon Dragon Chinese Restaurant
  • 70 E. Kaahumanu Ave.
  • Kahului, HI 96732
  • (808) 893-1628
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3 Reviews

Beautiful Chinese Restaurant located in the heart of Central Maui in the Maui Mall Shopping Center. Delicious Chinese food available for take-out as well. If you are looking for some yummy Chinese food, this is the place to be.

3 User Reviews

Pay for Rice people!

The food is so delicious! It's the next best Chinese food to Honolulu's. They should take care of their handsome guy waiters, but teach them more service oriented skills.

Just can't belive that the prices are so unbeliveable higher than what you'd pay in Oahu and yet you have to pay for RICE !!!! Hows that? They can't even refill your soda once for free. I know that soda is not that expensive and is the least of cost in a F&B business.

Never went to their bathroom but the dining area is clean.

Great Chinese

I've been to China, Hong Kong, had Chinese in New York, Boston, etc. and this is definitely some of the best Chinese out there.

Try the very decadent shrimp with crispy nuts dish; I guarantee that even though this place serves family style on a lazy susan, you'll keep spinning these prawns back your way! you'll want them all to yourself.

High End Chinese

Can Chinese food be considered "high-end" food? Dragon Dragon is, and so are the prices. The food is excellent, especially the fish! Yes, their staff even dress up really nice, and you'll feel out of place if you don't also. Very good food, and very expensive.

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