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Maui Restaurants: Fine Dining

  • Buzz's Wharf
  • $25 to $35
  • Maalaea, HI
  • 808-244-5426
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Buzz's Wharf.... :(

Ive been to Buzz's Wharf a few times over the last, oh.... at least 10 years. The last time I went made such an impression that I really dont want to go again. ever. even if someone else was paying. And actually, someone else was paying that time; it was just that bad:

Poor Service- parties that arrived after us were served before us; unacceptable wait time between finishing appetizer and main course (minimum of 15 minutes) with no one checking on us or apologizing for the delay; after the long wait, our entrees didnt even come out together-- some were even much later. (The restaurant wasnt even totally full when this happened.)

Overpriced: over $26 for a handful of shrimp that arent even so great? I dont think so.

Dont get me wrong: I'm willing to spend the $$$... but this is basically your VERY average surf & turf restaurant with a VERY light island taste.

I say if you were already willing to spend $33 on Buzz's version of surf & turf, treat yourself to something truly great in the high $30-40's range at Spago in Wailea instead.

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