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Apr. 23, 2010 by farmer

The Great Education System on Maui...

As I have a chance to tour the schools in the area, I discover the learning in the classroom and out of the classroom goes beyond the normal setting. Students do not know it but they learn life skills, math, science and more outside the classroom.

Outsiding programs.

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"Infect I have an ability to tour the schools in the locality, I realize the learn in the classroom and out of the classroom goes afar the normal location. Thanks Maria Jim Leather Suit Suppliers "

Posted by mariajim on Jun. 24, 2010

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"My cousin and her husband live together on Maui with their two children. They moved from the east coast about five years ago and love Maui. I live in New York City and work for a real estate company, They always tell me how great the schools are out there, we're dying to get out and visit. Anything would be better than watching the ocean from the window of my Financial District apartment all day!"

Posted by jeffaspern on Apr. 29, 2010

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"There are a number of amazing schools here in Maui. Recently representatives of a few private schools addressed the Realtor's Association of Maui, and I can say without doubt or hesitation that Maui Prep and Seabury Hall really impressed me as having great academic programs (as well as extra-curricular activities)."

Posted by Maui Real Estate Search on Apr. 25, 2010

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