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Sep. 28, 2007 by Lizas Eyeview

We're Going To The County Fair, Are You? Did you?

Did You go to the The 85th Maui County Fair Opened up last night. Are you planning on going? My family wouldn't want to miss it. We're going on Saturday (Sept 29th)!

I love county fairs. It's a place where you can build wonderful memories wth your kids. When my kids are older, and I am older and gray - the topic "county fair" would bring back warm memories to us...

I will come back to update this blog with photos from the fair. If you're a "lover" of county fairs too like us - would you leave a comment and let me know what you like best about the fair? If you don't like the fair, tell me why.

OK, got o get ready for work. I got to earn money today because I am anticipating spending lots of money at the fair :)

UPDATE: We went. Slide Show of Photos are posted on Liza's Eyeview BlogĀ  ( or Google Liza's Eyeview and you'll find the blog :)


"Thanks for the reminder Kean. I tried to cut and paste but this site does not allow it so I didn't. I just typed it in :) - thanks for wanting to visit it. "

Posted by Lizas Eyeview on Oct. 3, 2007

"Liza...I bet others would be more likely to click over to your other blog if you posted the URL when you talked about it...I know I would."

Posted by Kean Salzer on Oct. 2, 2007

"Yes boo, that's one of my favorite part of the fair - da food! lots of local grinds :)"

Posted by Lizas Eyeview on Oct. 2, 2007

"My family and I went to the fair on Saturday morning, it was really hot.. and the parking was crazy! It is getting more expensive each year... good thing it's only once a year. The food was awesome though... nothing quite like fair food. "

Posted by boo on Oct. 1, 2007

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