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Sep. 20, 2007 by boo

Flying Interisland

I just returned from a brief trip to Honolulu (Oahu).  The trip was unexpected and last minute.  Searching for the best air fares was easy, there weren't any.  I checked out Hawaiian Airlines, Aloha, Go!, Cheap Tickets, Priceline, Last Minute Travel, etc.  I was amazed at the cost.  Yeah, I haven't traveled in a while, but the cheapest I could find was $39 one way.  This price was for week day travel, at the least convenient times of course.  I sure do miss the days when you could buy flight coupons which were good for any flight at any time of the day, night, or weekend.  The good news... the lines at the airport weren't that bad (since I flew the inconvenient times for the cheapest rate). 

If you can, book early and plan ahead.  I just missed the special $19 rates, they were already gone by the time I learned of the need to travel.  For now, booking a flight online, at the airlines' own website is the cheapest way to go.  Get to the airport 2 hours before your flight leaves, it's a lot less stressful knowing you have the time to burn through check-in and the security check points.  I'm not sure about the other airlines, but Hawaiian allows you to choose your seat when you check-in online (up to 24 hours ahead of your flight), but check-in early for the best seats.  Since the seat is reserved, no worries about standing in line to board the plane... your seat is guaranteed to be there.  Take along a good book, relax, and enjoy!

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