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Sep. 20, 2007 by Surfer

I cant wait for the weekend!! Perfect Days

I sit at work doing what I need to do sometimes more and from Monday through Friday, all I can think about is the weekend and what it will bring.

What will I do? Where will I go? What shall I see? I was born and raised here but I continue to view Maui as the best place on Earth and never grow tired of it regardless of it's laid back and "slow" reality. I've been to many places and have seen many things and each time that I return to Maui, I am home. I am relaxed and happy.

I normally go surfing during the weekend. I usually go with friends but occasionally, I go alone- it's sometimes better that way. If there are no waves then I'll look for something else to do. Perhaps I'll go find a pond to swim in or maybe go to see a movie. Hiking is always fun for me. No matter what though, be it with friends or all by myself,  enjoying my home on the weekends is always perfect.


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