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Aug. 28, 2007 by Surfer

Tourists: Just because you are here on vacation, does not mean you have to turn off your humanity

This past saturday we were surfing at Breakwalls. I Got some good rides. It wasn't spectacular or anything. Wave heights were almost head high and the ocean was glassy. Fun day.

After my session and after I had tied my leash around my board, I walked out of the water and towards the parking lot adjacent to the Lahaina Shores hotel. I saw these two girls coming out of the water.

"hmm that's last year's Southpoint 8'6"" I thought to myself. "hehehe, it's totally ugly". I thought to myself again.

I noticed that those two girls were acting strangely. I looked away to stare at..............other things and I heard one of the two girls with my super peripheral hearing of doom.

"Help. Help us. Please help us can you help us" My mind, focused on a few other uh.............things....took a few seconds to register what was going on. I turned back to look at the two caucasian young ladies. There were about 10 tourists just around them. I watched. Not a single one of those jerks even acknowledged the girls' pleas for help. Wow. Unreal. I wanted to smash my minitanker into 62.5% of those freakshows.

The other girl then turned her hand-covered face towards me. Blood was just STREAMING down her face. I was like OOOH SNAP.

"dont make eye contact, don't make eye contact DOH made eye contact" I thought to myself. The non-injured girl asked me for help. Once that happened I no longer wanted to avoid the situation. I took control and guided them to the nearest shower so the injured girl would wash whatever it was that was making all that blood eminate from her face. I hurried as best I could with an 8+ foot board to the shower behind them. I saw my brother and instructed him to get my First Aid kit.

"I watch Scrubs and House and Grey's Anatomy, I CAN FIX HER" I thought to myself. The reality of the situation begged to differ. They sat down and I started to talk to them. I asked the standard questions and told her to show me her wound. Her lip was all busted up. It looked like she got pounded while surfing and her board's rail smacked her square in the lip. Her lip was so busted open that it looked like she also bit through it somehow. It was, to say the least, F*****. =)

This other guy brought a first aid kit and we both looked at eachother and said "no way". There was nothing we could do. Having her put alcohol on it would have given her a heart attack. She was already in body-shaking distress. At this point there were about 6-8 Locals offering assistance to this stranger from another land. One of the older Hawai'ians said he'd take her to get medical care. So they went. I hope she's ok.

So to you tourists that just sat there and ignored the two young (and pretty!) ladies when they cried for help: SHAME ON YOU. And SHAME on you for taking pictures and not offering assistance. Don't mess with the locals. Respect them and they will usually respect you. The locals here on Maui are usually the ones that will help you FIRST in desperate situations.

........just don't snake our waves : )

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