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Aug. 28, 2007 by Surfer

Lunar Eclipse 8-27/28 2007

This was the first time i've ever seen a full Lunar eclipse. Hell, this was the first time i've seen an eclipse of any kinda except for those Mitsubishi ones :p

It started at about 10:45pm HST and lasted..............well I had to go to sleep :p The dark period went on for about an hour or so. Here are some pics. Slight cloud cover made it difficult to get any decent shots.

1) Here is the earth casting it's shadow upon the moon.

2)And here it is when it was just about covered up (2.5s shutter)

3) Finally, here it is when it was about to be lit again.

These three pics where out of a few hundred that were taken and they were the only ones not totally bummed by cloud cover. They were taken in Kahului.



"Pretty cool! Thanks for the photos. My hubby and son watched it but did not take photos. These are great shots!"

Posted by Lizas Eyeview on Aug. 28, 2007

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