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Aug. 27, 2007 by boo

Hawaii Superferry

The Hawaii Superferry is very controversial. Like politics, many have an opinion that is often formulated or affected based on what others have said or heard.

Traffic seems to be a concern, and a Maui Court ordered the State to make changes to the traffic flow to answer the concerns. The State has completed the ordered changes, which will now affect traffic turning from Kaahumanu Avenue onto Puunene. The Hawaii Supreme Court has overturned a ruling made by a local Maui Court, requiring the State to conduct an Environmental Review relating to current and planned improvements for the entire Kahului Harbor, but did not prevent the Superferry, or any other service that uses the harbor, from conducting business. A Maui Court has now ruled that only the Superferry must halt operations until a Wednesday hearing to determine if only the Superferry can operate while the State conducts its Environmental Review for all Harbor improvements.

Meanwhile... large cruise ships, and new larger barges continue to bring people and goods into Kahului Harbor, with no accommodations made to lookout for whales, no inspections of shipping containers for alien species, and no concerns mentioned as large semi-trucks continue to haul huge containers out of the harbor area.

What do you think? Yes, some are for the Superferry, and some are againts it. I'd like to hear all sides if you think the Superferry is receiving special treatment, or being treated unfairly.

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