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Aug. 21, 2007 by Jeremy and Jenny

Maui...Our second home

We love it here. Once or twice a year someone puts Maui on sale and we jump on it. The last two times we came here it cost us a total of $2000...for a nice condo with a rent a car...we stay within our stay at home recreation budget and do tons of free stuff here...snorkeling at a bunch of different beaches, hiking upcountry, daytrips to Hana... Our big adventure this time is we put our townhouse up for a short term lease/ sublet from Craigslist and found a little old lady from Ohio who wanted to come out and stay three weeks to be with her daughter who had just given birth, but didn't want to stay in the same house with her family...we paid our mortgage and all of our bills with her with her money coming in our trip actually costs less than $800...for two...for a week on Maui...we will be doing this again...

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