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Aug. 20, 2007 by boo

Blocking Superstores in Maui

I recently read a news article about the Maui County Council Planning Committee ammending the zoning laws to prohibit large, discount retailers from entering, or expanding on Maui.

Council Chairman Ricki Hokama said he introduced the bill because other counties are working on similar legislation. Umm... what? Ricki Hokama wants to do this because others are doing it? What did our parents always tell us... "what... if your friend jump in da fire, you going jump in da fire too?" I hope there is a better reason for changing the zoning laws than "everyone else is doing it."

Hokama also said "whatever decision is made on the bill it will be based on what the people want." The success of large retailers in Maui shows it IS what the people want. People express what they want by where they spend their money. It shows the poeple of Maui want lower prices, larger inventory and selection, and the backing and guarantees provided by larger retailers. The fact that Maui people are working at these retailers also shows there is a want and need for such retailers to provide jobs.

These large stores do make it more difficult for small "Mom & Pop" stores, but competition always does. Competition forces stores to be competitive in price, service, and to specialize in products not offered by others. In the end, the consumer wins. If the County Council truly wants to help the "Mom & Pop" stores, then the Council should provide more tax relief and incentives, making it easier to start, and operate a small business on Maui.

If the County Council truly wants to protect and preserve our unique island lifestyle, then the Council should pay closer attention to how ALL businesses look, purchase goods, etc, NOT selectively stop certain retailers that are providing jobs and helping to make it affordable to live on Maui.

The County Council should let the people of Maui decide this issue by allowing their spending and market forces determin which retailers succeed.


"boo, you said a true mouth full. I wonder who stands to loose the most if the bill fails? "

Posted by Grandma Rosa on Aug. 24, 2007

"I see this as the money that slides under the table to our councilmen has not shown up for this round of we get this more's the ultimate sales pressure...give in or lose your chance...I sure wish someone would do a story on what these guys are worth before office and what they are worth shouldn't be hard to figure out how much is travelling under the tabe."

Posted by Jeremy and Jenny on Aug. 23, 2007

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