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Aug. 15, 2007 by boo

The Hurricane That Wasn't - Lucky We Live Hawaii

So Hurricane Flossie decided to say hello to us, or tried to anyway. It fizzled out as it approached the Big Island of Hawaii, but no real impact on Maui, accept to remind us to be prepared.

I did my thing, ensuring we had water in reserve, toilet paper, canned goods, paper plates and disposable utensils, anti-bacterial wipes, full-tank of gas, cash from the ATM, fully-charged cell phone, hand-crank radio and flashlight, candles, propane for the grill, masking tape for the windows, extra medicines, dog food, etc. I've even begun to put together a "go bag" (borrowed from the military, a bag with the essentials that is ready to pick-up and go). I visited the stores for last minute items, Safeway and WalMart did a great job putting out extra bottled water, paper products, etc. People purchased what they needed, but it was not a panic run on stuff.

Most of us in Hawaii know to be prepared during this time of year. Our local government, retailers, tourist industry, and citizenry are experienced in preparing and responding to such circumstances. Maybe other states can learn from us? Lucky we live Hawaii.


"I did my thing too...crossed my fingers and hoped... sounds like your plan was better, and this time at least, my was cheaper..."

Posted by Jeremy and Jenny on Aug. 23, 2007

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