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Aug. 13, 2007 by boo

Transformers Rocks!

I'm not a fan of the cartoon (or the toys), but the Transformers movie is awesome! I wait for most movies to come out on DVD, but this is a movie that you HAVE to see on the big screen. It was visually stunning, the effects were incredible, the action was fast paced, and the movement on the big screen made it WOW! The opening is an in-your-face, kick-in-the-head, blow-you-away scene that sets the pace for the rest of the movie... you don't want to be in the bathroom or consession stand when it starts. The overall story line was cool and there was a lot of humor throughout. Yes... it was kinda predictable, but this movie is not meant to be one of those "best screen play" academy award movies (although it could be in the running for special effects). If you allow yourself to simply accept the premis and get caught-up in the trasformers universe, it is a really fun movie.

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