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Aug. 10, 2007 by boo

It's hard being green

Being green is kinda cool and fun, earth-concious I mean, not the color (although being the color green might be interesting too). I don't understand why the County seems resistant to making it easy to be green... money probably, but wouldn't it save us more money in the long run if we reclaimed more of our trash, enabling our land-fill to last longer?

Our sub-division only has trash pick-up once a week. I see my neighbors taking out six garbage cans each week. My family, on average, takes out only one garbage bag each week. Sorting and recycling the cardboard, bottles (glass and plastic), etc. really makes a big difference.

It is kind of a hassle to "sort" the garbage, and store the stuff until I have time to load my car and take it to the recycling center. It IS easier to just throw it in the trash and be done with it. Yet, I know our island only has so much room, and I don't want to see that room wasted on burying trash that can be reclaimed. Why can't we have curb-side recycling pick-up? Why are we making it MORE difficult to recycle if we want more people to do it?

Yes, I believe people are generally lazy (myself included), and will take the easy way out whenever possible. Let's make it as easy as possible for people to recycle... I'll bet more people would do it.

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