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Aug. 7, 2007 by boo

Brand Name School Supplies?

I've heard many parents complain about why teachers ask for a specific brand name of school supply on the list of items to purchase for the school year. It's understandable how parents question the brand name when it is cheaper to buy an off brand. Money is tight, and the sales are not very forthcoming. Does it really matter? Isn't a crayon a crayon, and a marker a marker?

A teacher recently gave me the reason why specific brand names are requested... it does matter. She said over the years, many teachers have seen how brands provide varying results. Some brands simply do not last throughout the year, resulting in parents having to buy another set of supplies at higher prices (non-sale time of year). Some off-brands do not give the same quality, resulting in the child either having to work harder, or being somewhat embarrased because their results are markedly different from others. Some brands do not give the same number of items in the same colors, which does matter when the work requires certain colors to be used, making it difficult for the child to complete the work as assigned.

Most teachers are understanding when it comes to the kinds of school supplies that are brought to school, they are parents too. Most teachers specifiy brands only when their experience shows it makes a difference in quality or quantity. Bottom line... it is for the child's benefit that the school supply list is so specific.

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