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May. 22, 2008 by Lani

Sunrise at Haleakala

My husband and I will be making our 3 trip to Maui in October and are trying to decide if this time around we want to watch the sunrise from Mt. Haleakala. We would love to hear from those who loved it, and from those who didn't, and why. Also, if you have some tips that made the trip easier or more enjoyable for you, please share!


"Aloha Lani, I've driven up many times and it an awesome sunrise, but you must leave very early am, and the last time I did it, it was very crowded, but worth it. Another option, is to go up to see the sunset, and then you can star gaze, before it gets too cold. It will probally get down to the 30's or at least 30 degree's cooler than sea level. Haleakala Crater is also considered the most spiritual vortex in the USA. So, this has a very powerful and wonderful feel. "

Posted by Brent Turner on Jun. 25, 2008

"Thank you Maui Reviewer, you make the bike ride sound great. I think you can miss a lot of beauty when driving in a car due to speed, (the driver sure does), so maybe the bike ride would allow more intake of the surrounding beauty. However, I've heard comments that there can be alot of stopping and waiting as the ride is only as fast as the slowest bicyclist. With that said, the bike ride still sounds much more enjoyable, and there's food, too. Even if we do end up stopping and waiting for someone, I guess we should just take in the surroundings and enjoy the moment. As for the crater, I definitely want to experience that, but not for the vortex. We were in Sedona, AZ a few years ago and I think that has to be the 'vortex capital of the world'. Thanks."

Posted by Lani on Jun. 12, 2008

"Aloha, My best time was when I did the sunrise Bike tour. This was when I vacationed on Maui before moving here. We did this early on our vacation, they pick you up at your hotel at around 2am -3:30am depending on the time of year. That way you are getting up early anyways and you can sleep on the way up, because it's dark your not missing anything, and then you get to see the sunrise, which is considered one of the best in the world. You get to see all of the beauty on the way down on your bike. Keep in mind it can be 30 degree's cooler (about 3 degrees for every 1000 feet) at the top, so bundle up. If you go with a bike tour company, they have gloves, and wind breakers and then you supply the rest. After your wonderful sunrise you get to do one of the most fun and unique tours in the world. Bike down a Volcano over 38 miles, thru 3 climate zones, which is a blast. You feel like a 12 years old and you only peddle 400 yards. Most give you coffee and muffins, and then later stop for breakfast. The whole tour is around 8 hours and then you are dropped off at your hotel. FYI- I believe right now, the bike companies will take you to the sunrise, and then bring you to 7,000 feet, below the National Park to coast the rest of the way. Either way, you are in for some fun, fun, fun. I've also driven up and it's just not the same, heck your on vacation, why not combine two great things in one. And if you are spiritual, The Crater is consider the most power spiritual vortex in the USA. "

Posted by Maui Reviewer on May. 30, 2008

"Hi Lani, Check here for some pros and cons: The first time I went to see the sunrise, we drove through a hail storm on the way up, and then we only saw fog. You probably wouldn't have to contend with weather like that, but I have heard it can be very crowded these days."

Posted by Hannah on May. 23, 2008

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