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Mar. 14, 2008 by La Sirena

Upcoming move

My family (husband, son, and I) are moving to Maui in May. My husband is in the Coast Guard and I am a social worker, however, I have recently become a certified massage therapist, and hope to practice in Maui.

I would greatly appreciate tips on the following:
1. Local schools--my son begins kinder this fall
2. Mommy and Me/Playgroups--is there a local group or program to meet other parents?
3. Massage therpy--anyone who practices MT know of ideal resorts or hotels to apply to
4. Home furnishings--other than the basics are there other things anyone would recommend to bring or leave behind. We will be stationed  in Maui for 3 years. We plan to have all our things shipped, but unfortunately it will take a few weeks so we are going to arrive w/only the basics

well, i look forward to the feedback. Thanks!


"Aloha! Welcome to Maui. 1. What area are you moving on Maui? If in Kihei, and you would be willing to enroll your son in a public school, Kamalii Elementary has a good reputation for it's kindergarten classes. 2. Mommy and Me - in Wailuku, there's a group (meet at one of Weinberg Foundation building , I forgot the name but will post it here later when I find out). In Kihei, I recommend checking out Hope Chapel. 3. Four Seasons and Grand Wailea are highly recommended for you to apply at. These resorts/hotels are well known for their spa.. 4. regarding home furnishing, everything is expensive here so if you have room in your container, bring them all nd then you can decide here which to sell and which to keep. Hope these helps. Liza"

Posted by Lizas Eyeview on Mar. 19, 2008

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