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Mar. 1, 2008 by The Mountain Queen

Donuts on a Stick

I was looking for the Komoda T Store and Bakery listing to give a review, and it's not listed on  So I decided to dedicate this blog posting to the wonders of this upcountry bakery.

First I have to say I miss Dunkin Donuts.  I mean I really, really miss Dunkin Donuts.  If there's anyone on the mainland reading this, and you're close to a Dunkin Donuts, send me an e-mail - I may be willing to do a trade if you can overnight me a few cinnamon cake donuts.

My only consolation is the Komoda T Store and Bakery in Makawao, which is famous for it's cream puffs and donuts on a stick.  That's right - on a stick.  Who came up with the idea of donut kabobs, I don't know, but they should get a Congressional Award.

Only trick is you MUST get there early, or live with slim pickings or day old leftovers.  But if you're up there early, it's worth the stop.


"when you say dedicate you are absoultly right. awsome we are on the mainland i miss those puffed wonders on a stick you need dunkin and i need komoda's.... lets talk. mahalo pam"

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