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daveolson777's Online Journal

Feb. 26, 2008 by daveolson777

Planning move on Dec 31, 2008

Planning to move to Maui on Dec 31, 2008, so that I am there for New Year, 2009.

Looking for anyone who would like a responsible person to "sit" their home when they are not in Maui.  I travel light, so I have only a few clothes and personal items to move.  I don't smoke, do drugs, drink, and no pets.  I am very clean, and am pretty handy with fixing things.

My email is
Phone 562-533-4826


"Well it looks like you're ready to take the plunge Dave. I too would love to do it, but I'm aprehensive about turning paradise into a nightmare. Best of Luck on your transition and keep up the posting."

Posted by CoolBreeze on Feb. 29, 2008

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