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Nov. 23, 2007 by Surfer

The Typical Local Style Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. A time to give thanks for others that give and celebrate a time in history when some other people gave thanks for some stuff that was given to them and then later they got slaughtered or something and stuff.

OK HISTORY LESSON OVER.  72.675% accurate btw! 

Thanksgiving in Hawai'i, much like that of other places that celebrate thankgiving such as The Deep South, The Deep North?, The Southwest, the Northeast, Puerto Rico, Guam and even Japan all  celebrate Thanksgiving with their own style or "Flair" if you will.  Hawai'i's Thanksgiving flair is heavily dependant on the variety of Thanksgiving food that you WILL find at a local Thanksgiving dinner (or lunch).

Of course you have Turkey. Of course you have Ham. Of course you have stuffing and cranberry sauce and candied yams and all that other good stuff but do you know what I've seen over the years that I just can't imagine being without on Thanksgiving? I'll tell ya ;) Here's a list of things that you may find that is more common on Thanksgiving in Hawai'i than not.

  1. Rice (pretty much at every Thanksgiving party)
  2. Fresh Sashimi (raw fish!) Mmmmmm
  3. Teriyaki chicken and/or beef
  4. Sushi of various types
  5. Mochi and/or butter mochi
  6. Kalua Pork
  7. Chicken Long Rice
  8. That strange multicolored layered jello thingy that's so ono-licious!
  9. sometimes Poi
  10. Poki
  11. Chicken Hecka
  12. Lomi Lomi Salmon
  13. Chicken Adobo
  14. Lau Lau
  15. Shoyu Chicken
  16. Potato Macaroni Salad
  17. Haupia
and much more!

I stay hungry. Time fo' kau kau.


"U do dis kine for Christmas too? I like invite myself...sounds ono. "

Posted by boo on Dec. 10, 2007

"ohhhh - this is making me hungry! "

Posted by Lizas Eyeview on Nov. 28, 2007

"Of course but that is not a local style. That's everywhere. That's why I didn't mention it : )"

Posted by Surfer on Nov. 25, 2007

"What? No beer? "

Posted by Jeremy and Jenny on Nov. 24, 2007

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