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Brah, puleeez plan ahead

Aug. 6, 2007 (2012 views)

I was driving this morning, coming down Maui Lani Parkway (the road that leads strait into Baldwin High School) at 7:30am. Understandably, the (left) lane that leads to Baldwin High was backed up as students were trying to get to school. But the (right) lane that allows you to turn right onto Kaahumanu Avenue was totally clear... except for wun dum gai who realized he was in the wrong lane and decided to stop and try to break into the left lane. SOOOOOOO, the entire right lane in front of wun...

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Posted By boo

I hope!

Aug. 2, 2007 (1656 views)

I hope this weekend get waves oddawise makeh bebe time!! ...

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Posted By Surfer

Gotta Love Maui

Jul. 27, 2007 (1581 views)

I just spent some time at Kanaha Beach this morning. The sun was out (not too hot), and the beach was still kinda empty, just a few people out. The cruise ship was in the distant background, with the wind just starting to pick-up. The sound of the waves gently breaking on the shore made it totally peaceful. It was like being in a post-card. Gotta Love Maui! ...

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Posted By boo