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Learning on Maui

Aug. 14, 2013 (452 views)

We're still here.  Joined a digeridoo class that was held at the Kahului library.  Need to learn circular breathing to play continuous note (F).  Also helps with sleep apnea.Lots to do on Maui....

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Posted By tross

Scuba diving partners

May. 29, 2013 (472 views)

Looking for people to scuba dive with....I'm a beginner and just getting certified and would like to meet others that need others to dive with.   Thanks for any pointers!!...

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Posted By roy

New Home...

May. 9, 2012 (1714 views)

I have purchased a condo and ready to stay here forever...Looking for a School that needs a Technology Education Instructor, Middle School or High School......

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Posted By farmer

Aloha From Maui

Apr. 13, 2012 (1093 views)

This is my first blog post. I just want to test to see if it works well.Aloha, Steve...

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Posted By mauifun123

From NYC to Maui...

Jan. 13, 2012 (1203 views)

People frequently ask me how I ended up selling Wailea Real Estate. My journey to Maui started 4 years ago. At the time we were living in New York City but found out we had a baby on the way so decided to move closer to family. My family lives in Atlanta and my wife's lives on Maui, so with that we decided to make the move 5,000 miles from the East Coast to the sunny Pacific (sight unseen...

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Posted By Maui Real Estate Search


Sep. 11, 2010 (1621 views)

Janice "DaBunLady" is back and the Basket Designs are better than ever! Visit my new website www.GiftBasketsOnMaui.comSpecializing in Hawaiian Style Gift Baskets, Corporate & Incentive Amenities, Christmas and Easter Holiday Baskets andSpecial Occasions ...

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Posted By GiftBasketsonMaui


Jul. 1, 2010 (1630 views)

Discover  MauiOn the island of Maui, mornings of birdsong swell into days of pure exhilaration. From staggering natural beauty to one-of-a-kind adventures, Maui is a magical, tropical playground like no other.Indeed, Maui is everything you have dreamed Hawaii to be, and almost certainly more than you imagined. Palm-shaded, powdery beaches and lush rainforests... Eclectic...

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Posted By Spirit-in-Motion Maui Quest

The Great Education System on Maui...

Apr. 23, 2010 (1536 views)

As I have a chance to tour the schools in the area, I discover the learning in the classroom and out of the classroom goes beyond the normal setting. Students do not know it but they learn life skills, math, science and more outside the classroom.Outsiding programs....

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Posted By farmer

Winter on Maui

Mar. 3, 2010 (1854 views)

Its been really cold the last week on Maui.  We had to sleep in our PJs.  I think there are 8 houses on Maui with heating systems but I just heard that through the grapevine.We're all thankful that the tsunami fizzled out.  We were probably safe at 3,000ft though...

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Posted By tross

Hawaiian Telcom Wireless Portout Fee

Feb. 11, 2010 (1730 views)

02/11/2010Hawaiian Telcom Wireless charges a fee to move your phone number to another provider (it's hidden in the fine print). The customer service agent I spoke with said there was no charge to simply close the account but to close your account and move your number they charge $25 plus tax per number. Does it sound like they care about their customers?Verizon DOESN'T charge this fee:

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Posted By Listen-up