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Melissa Chimera

P.O. Box 664
Kula, HI

Melissa Chimera, a Honolulu native, is a conservationist and painter of Lebanese and Filipino ancestry. Four years ago, she moved to Maui to protect Nature Conservancy forests and now leads volunteers into the wilds of Haleakalā National Park. Her inspiration is rare plants that she and her husband, a botanist, encounter in remote places.

Diane Lane

Wailea, HI

Diane Lane does one-of-a-kind, hand-painted silk garments.

Robert Lyn Nelson

Robert Lyn Nelson is the pioneer of the Modern Marine Art Movement. Creating a new artistic genre with his "Two Worlds" concept, Nelson forever changed the way we view our relationship to our environment.

Christina Cowan

Haiku, HI

Cowan's sculptural clay forms can be viewed at the Hi No'eau's Gallery.

Beth Marcil

Haiku, HI

The work of Beth Marcil communicates the vivacious joie de vivre that is so indicative of the artist herself. She moves easily from watercolor, and pastels, to monotype and mixed media, imparting life into every piece.

Dario Campanile

Dario Campanile has risen to world renown on the wings of his masterful paintings. Instantly one perceives the range of his genius. There is power in these forms that seems to come from within, dimension that seems to exceed the obvious three.