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Elliott Cost, a 15 year old filmmaker/designer resides on the island of Maui. Elliott's interests are in film/video production, design, photography, podcasting, and blogging. He is a devoted Mac user and started his own company/web site at

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Sep. 22, 2007 by Elliott Cost

A Note to All

The other day I was talking over Skype with a friend in Australia and I decided to show him a little bit of what Maui looks like. I decided to take my laptop outside to show him the sunset. It was a pretty amazing view, but I didn't think much of it until he told me that it was the most amazing sunset he had ever seen, (at least over a video conference).
This just goes to show how special our island is, even though we often take it for granted. Maui is an amazing and special place to live and I hope any foreigners traveling here cherish our island as much as we do.

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