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Jul. 20, 2008

Tiny ants

Hello, well my family and I have made it to Maui. And, after two months we feel settled in and at home. Now, I am curious what others do (if they have this problem) with the tiny, erratic moving ants that congregate in the kitchen and bathroom sinks. I leave everything very clean, and even wipe the counters with bleach to no avail. Well, It did help the problem slightly, but on occasion I see a few roaming about. Does anyone have any suggestions for bait or treatment?Overall, it feels great to be here. It has been fun exploring all the sights, having BBQ picnics at the beach, and getting to know the other Maui residents. My son will begin school at Kamili later this month, and he is very excited about meeting hsi new classmates. Well, I look forward to any suggestions about the ants. Thanks...
Mar. 14, 2008 Upcoming move

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