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Jun. 7, 2007

True Life Tales from a Hawaiian Hula Dancer

The conch shell blows to signify the start of the luau. The drums beat rhythmically, matching the beat of a hula dancer's heart. The crowd waits in anticipation. The dancer walks slowly from the beach with a torch and takes the stage, just a silhouette against the moonlit night. Where did she come from? And how did she learn to move her hips that way? When I was little I looked forward to playing with the neighborhood kids everyday before dinner. We would ride our bikes, skateboard, or roller skate in the dead end street we lived on. Oh what fun...until I turned six and my mother decided that I should take hula lessons. Why? I have no idea and to this day she can't even tell me. All I remember is that every Tuesday I would cry, kick, and scream, and then have to suck it up when the car pool came to pick me up so the other two girls wouldn't know I was crying. That lasted quite...

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