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We are www.greenmauiguide.com and provide green information and blog to promote green living and being enviornmentaly responsible. visit our site today! thanks GreenMauiGuide

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Jun. 4, 2008

GreenMauiGuide Maui, Hawaii

Hello Bloggers, This is Green Maui Guide back again this week to tell you about our website and ask people to please come visit our site for more information about green and ways to be environmentally responsible in your daily living practices. You can also myspace us at our myspace page www.myspace.com/greenmauiguide for further info or just to be our friend, thanks for your support and look forward to seeing you in our forums posting great topics for us to learn about! Thanks http://www.greenmauiguide.com...
May. 28, 2008 GreenMauiGuide Maui, Hawaii

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