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Bryan Bangerter

San Diego, California 92110

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About me:
I grew up on Maui where I was able to use resources in the community to make films, perform music, and play competitive golf. I was raised in Kula by Bob and Neida, my parents.

My Online Journal

Jul. 31, 2007

Last Visit Home

I was on Maui for a week in late May in between work and music. School had just let out here in San Diego and I was eager to take a trip home to see family and friends. Of course I made my regular visit to the Kapalua golf academy for some TLC from the teaching staff. I'm a college golfer and my roots of golfing stretch back to Maui with world renowned golf instructor Jerry King. If you golf you should check out this place, out past Lahaina. They have three courses, instruction, food, and lots of places to work on your golf game. Besides playing lots of golf on my visit back I played a show at Livewire Cafe in Paia for unsuspecting people. It was a fun chance to see my friends together having a good time. We had about 35 people show up and we acoustically rocked out for about 90 minutes. Paia town is a great town to walk around and look at the strange people. You have people you know are fresh off the plane wandering around looking for aloha shirts and then you'll have the dirtiest dredlocked...

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