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Brent is the former Director of Sales for Maui.net, and really enjoyed his work for them. He also enjoys video production, photography, writing, hiking, the ocean and living the Maui Lifestyle with fellow Christians. Brent has also worked for Expedia Local Expert and Paradise TV, and has a good working relationship with many Maui businesses. I feel a new sense of community on Maui, with the recent situation and we really need to help one another succeed. Please contact me if you need a new, cost effective and creative way to advertise your business.

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Jun. 20, 2008

The Garden Spa - A True Maui Gem

Many times in our lives we just need to find that quiet space that is nurturing, peaceful and rejuvenating. Claire, the owner of the Garden spa has created such a place, and this special retreat in Wailuku Maui, has everything you need to calm yourself and become refocused on what is truly important. Let go of your daily stresses, forget about your cell phone and just be for a while.... Mark as Offensive